In Geppetto we take care of making artisan ice cream.
Thanks to the fact that we enjoy a wonderful climate
on the Costa del Sol, we can make an ice cream low in
fat, rich, delicious and pleasant and at the same time
very healthy.

We start mainly from quality raw material, milk, cream,
sugar, pasteurize the mixture to improve the quality of
the ice cream, let the white base rest for a minimum of
24 hours, this favors the quality of the mixture and a
lot of ice cream is achieved more quality.

Then we proceed to add the flavor that we want to produce,
we pass this already flavored mixture to our blender, which
is nothing more than a blender that freezes.

We do not have industrial machines, which have other
characteristics, among which to put a lot more air in
the mixture.

Most industrial ice creams contain 60% air in the mix,
while our ice creams have only 30% air, being only ice cream.

In Geppetto we would love that on the Costa del Sol the
ice cream shops sell a quality product, genuine, authentic
and artisan, a high quality product behind.

Ice cream is the only balanced dessert that contains the
3 macronutrients and a multitude of micronutrients.

Our ice cream contains a protein that almost no dessert
has, is low in fat, only has 6% and a very reasonable
carbohydrate level.

If you have to sin and eat sweet, eating ice cream you
will take care of it and enjoy it with double pleasure.

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